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Sam Timm Prints

  • Autumn is in the air - Holy Hill
  • Country Afternoon - Cardinals
  • Country Village - Greenwing Teal
  • Feel The Power Holy Hil
  • Holiday Sleigh Ride
  • North Country - Loons
  • SIlent Night
  • Special Delivery
  • Tranquil Evening - Whitetail
  • Tranquil Sunset

Sam Timm dwells and paints his well-known wildlife art in central Wisconsin. He gains experience and ideas for his paintings in his personal life as a hunter, outdoorsman, minister, and father.

Timm is known for his paintings of sweeping landscapes, bird portraits, and country scenes of small towns and farms. His especial characteristic feature is his use of light to add depth and warmth to his outdoor scenes. Wild Wings has more than sixty selections of Sam Timm’s artwork.

Sam Timm has won numerous awards for his wildlife and country artwork, including several stamps and competitions. His art is often featured in home accent pieces and used to support several conservation organizations.