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Rosemary Millette Prints

  • Summer - Ruby Throated Hummingbird
  • Crabapple Pair - Chickadees
  • Backwater Passage - Whitetail Deer
  • Black Timber - Wolves
  • Double Trouble
  • Freedom Flight - Eagle
  • September Apples - Robin
  • Whispering Creek - Whitetail Deer
  • Winter Gathering - Chickadees

Rosemary Millette has been painting since she was a young girl. Living in South Dakota, she finds subjects for her wildlife scenes in the nearby outdoors surrounding her home.

Millette most frequently paints scenes centering on birds and deer, but her subject matter ranges to include larger and smaller creatures as well, such as bison and butterflies. Using acrylic paint, Millette employs use of color, light, and meticulous detail to render striking and breathtakingly-realistic compositions. Wild Wings offers more than 180 of her memorable wildlife prints.

Rosemary Millette’s artwork has been featured on numerous state conservation stamps and she partners with many groups working to preserve wildlife and the natural world.