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Jim Hautman Gallery

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Jim Hautman was born and raised in Minnesota, where he experienced the outdoor world and encountered wildlife in its natural habitat. Though he studies local Minnesota wildlife for his art, he also travels to other states, such as Montana and Texas, to gather referent material for his artwork.

Jim Hautman uses oil paint to create his wildlife art. His subject matter ranges between waterfowl, songbirds, wolves, and scenes of outdoor living. Typically adhering to a cool color palate, Hautman’s contrast of lighting—both subtle and dramatic—amplifies the realism of his artwork.

Hautman has won three Federal Duck Stamp competitions, becoming the youngest wildlife artist ever to claim the stamp in 1989. In total, his artwork has appeared on more than 20 conservation stamps, including the Australian Federal Duck Stamp. Hautman has also received many prestigious titles, including the Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year